We at SRI ANNADATHA ORGANIC FERTILISERS  manufacture Vermicompost by vermicomposting animal excreta i.e. the mixture of animal dung (Buffalo & cow), Animal urine, chopped crop residues in dry form with the help of Vermicomposting earth worms like Eisena Foetida(Red earth worm), Eudrilus Eugeniae(Night crawler)etc.

Organic fertilizers like Vermicompost are helping many ways in developing Agricultural sector. Vermicomposting has got prominence in the entire world in the recent times. This compost is manufactured with technical processes for better yield & quality. Pure quality of compost gives lot of nutritional value to the soil & plant. Use of chemical fertilizers have only one or two nutritional values where as in Vermicompost has lots of nutritional values which results in improving soil fertility & disease resisting capacity of plants & trees.

Vermicompost is stable, fine granular organic manure, which enriches soil quality by improving its physicochemical and biological properties. It is highly useful in raising seedlings and for crop production. compost is becoming popular as a major component of organic farming system.

Manufacturing Process of Vermicompost:

  1. Initially we gather Animal excreta i.e. the mixture of animal dung (Buffalo & cow), Animal urine, and chopped crop residues in dry form.
  2. Then we allow the Urinated animal excreta mix to dry by turning the dung to allow for partial decomposition.
  3. This activity is done to achieve better performance of earth worms.
  4. Then this partially decomposed animal excreta is placed over the already available s consisting of earth worms in layers.
  5. This Vermicomposting beds are made of size 10*0.5*0.5 meter in a cool, moist shade place.
  6. The Vermicomposting beds are made moist by spraying water on the bed
  7. The earth worms that are present in the Vermicomposting beds comes to the top of the bed and start eating the partially decomposed animal excreta, grow & multiplicate.
  8. The excreta of earth worms which got generated due to the consumption of partially decomposed animal excreta will be settled on the top with the eggs of earth worms in 45-50 days of time.
  9. This top layer is taken for grading and fine Vermicompost with earth worm eggs is generated and is sieved for bagging.

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Use of   Applying Vermicompost to Plants:

  1. Vermicompost contain 1-2.5% nitrogen, phosphorus, potash & other micro nutrients like calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, vitamins, enzymes, antibiotics, hormones which helps in growth of plants & better yield of crops.
  2. Redwormcomposting helps in increasing the fertility of the soil.
  3. wormcomposting has the capability to convert any organic matter in to plant absorbing form which is not possible in chemical fertilisers
  4. wormcomposting also provides micro nutrients in addition to main nutrients like N, P,K.
  5. Vermicomposting is like readymade food to the plants. It directly gives nutrients to the plants.
  6. wormcomposting has the capability to retain the moisture content in the soil, increases disease resisting power of plants.
  7. Vermicomposting changes physical properties of soil to fertile soil.
  8. Wormcompost has the property to suppress the amla, alkalis in the soil.
  9. Through the use of Vermicompost, we can avoid the dangerous effects of use of chemical fertilizers.
  10. Wormcomposting helps in protecting human health in addition to increasing colour, Taste of nursery plants.
  11. Wormcomposting reduces expenses in Agricultural resources.
  12. Wormcomposting helps in improving storage time of fruits & vegetables for a longer time without spoiling.

Usage of Vermicompost:

  1. Vermicompost can be used for all types of crops.
  2. For crops like Paddy, cane sugar, cotton, ground nut, turmeric, ginger, potato, banana, onion, we use Vermicompost at the rate of 6-10 Bags per Acre.
  3. For crops like Tomato, lady’s finger, brinjal, beans, bitter guard, bottle guard & flowers we use compost 50gms per plant.
  4. For crops like mango, coconut, papaya, grapes, guava, sapota etc. we use compost 2-5 kg per plant depending on age of plant.


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