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Buy Vermicompost in Hyderabad

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BUY VERMICOMPOST           Buy vermicompost at a very low price of Rs.6/- per kg. You can purchase good quality of vermicast and expect fast deliver in hyderabad. Sri annadtah organic ferilisers company is one of the best in India. They provides earthworms ,neem cake and vermicompost. You can order online for a […]

neem cake, vermicompost, vermicomposting.

Neem Cake vermicomposting

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    Neem Cake vermicomposting Neem cake is the manure prepared from seed and fruit of the neem tree. Neem tree is called as a natural pharmacy in India. Neem cake is the most used organic dung under BIS with the specification number: 8558. neem cake has a rich amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium […]

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Earthworms Vermicomposting

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 Earthworms Vermicomposting Earthworms and microorganisms convert organic materials like animal excreta, crop residues, and dry leaves to a beneficial soil amendment. Only certain species are suitable for vermicomposting. There are over 6,000 species of earthworms ranging in length from 0.04 feet to 22 feet. Earthworms like Eisena Foetida (Red worms), Eudrilus Eugeniae(Night crawler)  make composting […]

Buy Vermicompost, Buy vermicomposting


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VERMICOMPOST We at SRI ANNADATHA ORGANIC FERTILISERS  manufacture Vermicompost by vermicomposting animal excreta i.e. the mixture of animal dung (Buffalo & cow), Animal urine, chopped crop residues in dry form with the help of Vermicomposting earth worms like Eisena Foetida(Red earth worm), Eudrilus Eugeniae(Night crawler)etc. Organic fertilizers like Vermicompost are helping many ways in developing […]