Neem Cake vermicomposting

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    Neem Cake vermicomposting

Neem cake is the manure prepared from seed and fruit of the neem tree. Neem tree is called as a natural pharmacy in India. Neem cake is the most used organic dung under BIS with the specification number: 8558. neem cake has a rich amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium which are needed for plans to grow. neem cake has special bacteria which resists the conversion of nitrogenous compounds present in the soil to nitrogen gas. neem cake is the natural pesticidal characteristics.

To use in 1 litre of water approximately 60-70grams of neem kernel is required. Before starting of neem cake preparation, the outer coat of the neem kernel is removed and then pounded for a while, until that no oil is come from neem kernel and then the outcome of the process is used as a neem cake organic manure. If the outer coat of the neem kernel is not removed before the preparation of neem cake, then the amount of neem kernel required for the preparation of neem cake is one and half times more than the actual required outer coat removed neem kernels.

The seeds which are used for the neem kernel extraction should be 7-10 months old. Otherwise the effectiveness of neem cake in the pesticide control will reduces. The pounded neem kernel is keep in a water for 10-12 hours. After this time the soaked neem kernel is gather in the muslin pouch, which squeezes the water content in the neem cake. The solution of soaps which has no detergents in their composition are added to the filtered neem kernel, which act as an emulsifier.

For 10 litres of the water, the quantity of the neem leaves required are of the quantity of the neem leaves required fir the preparation of the neem cake from the extraction of the neem leaves is very high. Therefore, this method used for the preparation of neem cake to use in the kitchen this method also, as in preparation of neem cake by the neem kernel extraction, neem leaves also soaked in water in overnight.

Neem cake is used for the various agricultural, horticulture and turf industries, because it is most abundant of micro and macro nutrients’ cake is economical and efficient because the fertilizer in the neem is last longer. neem cake makes the crop to yield better, because of the nutrients it has. Neem cake resists the growth of the pathogens in the plants. neem cake improves the fertility of the soil and its water holding capacity.

Neem cake is a biological degradable manure and the neem cake can be used with the other different fertilizers’ cake will enhance the efficiency of the other fertilizers also as it inhibits nitrification. And neem cake doesn’t have any metal compounds in it, so it can be used for crops. neem cake make the crops to grow in constant matter, because the neem cake releases the micro and macro nutrients slowly.

Neem cakes fights with the nematodes and the make the soil fertile. nematodes are the enemies present in the soil, which destroys the make soil fertile neem cake uses the different mechanism to destroy the nematodes’ the neem cake is used at the start of the crop, then which protects from the pathogens and nematodes.

Neem cake can be used with other fertilizers such as urea. Urea is produced by the humans and animals. And, synthetically by the ammonia. Urea is composed of NPK with the ratio of 46-0-0. when neem cake is added to the urea, it will act as a de nitrification turn the nitrogenous compound in the urea doesn’t convert in to the nitrogen gas. And increases the time at which nitrogen present in the soil.

Neem cakes classified in to different types based on the packaging of the neem cake and the type of use. The granular form of neem cake is used in the agriculture, which is prepared from residue of the seed and it is eco friendly too. Most amount of granular neem cake has composed of azadirachtin contents.

The powder form of neem cake is most abundant of nitrogen, calcium, sulphur and phosphorous. The nutrient content of the soil will improve when the powder form of neem cake is added to the soil. The other type of neem cake is neem cake manure, which makes crops to greater harvest and act like pest repellent.

Commonly used form of the neem cake is in the form of neem cake bio mix. neem cake bio mix is the mixture of bio manures and the neem cake. The neem cake bio mix provides the essential nutrients required for the soil. Another famous type of neem cake is neem cake fertilizers; this type is most commonly used by the farmers and gardeners. Neem cake fertilizer is act like a bio fertilizer by providing the required nutrients, potassium, nitrogen.

There are different methods to apply the neem cake to the soil to make soil more ploughing the soil deeply and applying the neem cake, the nematodes in the soil will come to surface and killed. The second method of applying the neem cake is, mixing of the neem cake thoroughly with the soil at the recommended rate, which gives the better results compared to the applying neem cake on the surface. Other method of applying the neem cake is to apply the neem cake fertilizer to soil around the roots of the plant.

The following are the crops which gets benefit by using the neem cake with the other orgonic fertilizers. The crops are oranges, tomato, tobacco and rice. For rice crop the neem cake is used along with the urea.

Neem cake related fertilizers don’t have any side effects on human beings and other living things, so the use of this neem cake is beneficial. therefore, neem cake is the best alternative for the harmful fertilizers.

Compared to other harmful fertilizers, the price of the neem cake is less. And in the present scenario, in India the price of the neem cake is of 700-900 rupees.

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